Warmed Zucchini

This is a common snack, mini-meal for me. I drop the zucchini into a hot pan with just salt & pepper. Cook for about two minutes. The key to this being a filling choice is the addition of fat! You have some options:

-cook the veggie in butter, ghee, coconut or MCT oil

-cook w/o oils/fats and then add 1 Tbl or less or mayo (or  vegan mayo like I did), or a oil & vinegar or blue cheese dressing that has NO sugar!!! Fat & sugar do not mix!

-you can also add feta, goat cheese, or regular cheese

-you could add some nuts, slivered almonds, pine-nuts, macadamia-while cooking or after

-you can add leftover ground beef or ground lamb

This takes less than 10 minutes! This is an example of a mini-meal you can easily make vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo or caveman…however your body is feeling like eating when you go to cook!

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