Salsa Chicken

I know for some people “eating clean” can feel overwhelming, but I promise you that it is actually so much easier than the traditional way most of us were taught to cook. When you work with whole foods you are using fewer ingredients and that makes it simple! Like anything, it just takes practice and once you build in some “go to” meals the rest falls into place.

My Son calls this “Salsa Chicken” (I called it Fiesta Chicken) but he is exactly right…it is two ingredients, salsa and chicken. It is his favorite meal and we eat this once a week.


Organic chicken can cost more, it should cost more, it has been treated and cared for in a healthier way. I buy it when I see it on sale, or at Costco, then freeze it.

Salsa Chicken

Place a package of frozen chicken breasts into a slow cooker.


Pour a jar of your favorite salsa over the chicken. Fill the empty salsa bottle with 1/2 to 1 C of water, shaking it up to get the rest of the salsa mixed in, and then dump that over the chicken as well.


Cook on high for 3 1/2 hours.


It can stay on warm for as long as you need. I usually take the chicken out about 30 minutes before we eat. Removing it from the liquid, place on a cutting board, or in a bowl, and use two forks to shred the chicken.


Add some cilantro or green onion to the top for garnish.

Now you have a healthy, flavorful, lean protein having done virtually no work! How you use it is up to you! Put out some fixings for taco night, or add to a big salad! Serve as is with some rice & beans, or a side of vegetables! My favorite is to just eat it in a bowl with a little sour cream (my vice) on top!


good food. good life.


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