Eggs & Cauliflower Hash

I am addicted to Cauliflower Rice. Most grocery stores have a version already “riced” for you, my favorite is Trader Joes, the frozen version because then I don’t have to worry about when I use it. That said there are many websites that will show you how to make your own if you Google “Cauliflower Rice.”

Using my usual formula of what I have and what needs to be used, this hash had leftover crab in it. You can use leftover chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, add a cut up chicken apple sausage, or skip the meat altogether.


I put some MCT Oil in a pan (any oil or butter works), and then dump the entire bag of Cauliflower Rice in the pan.


Let it get hot and broken up, add salt and pepper.

Next sprinkle in some Nutritional Yeast (I love Braggs which adds a cheesy flavor & texture) and some Turmeric! Turmeric is so good for you as it is a natural anti-inflammatory (read more about Turmeric), but really does not add any flavor to your foods, just color. I like it because it makes the rice look more like “hash”.


Next I flatten it across the pan with a spatchula and turn the heat up to high for 30 seconds to a minute, to really crisp it up.

Then put in any additions (already cooked, talking leftovers-unless adding fresh vegetables, those can be raw), and mix until everything is warm.


I cooked the eggs in a separate pan, on low so they don’t need too much attention.


Add the egg to the top, and then sprinkle with herbs, a cheese like feta, or if that is too fancy use ketchup! We added some hot sauce to ours?

About 10 minutes time total.



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