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KETO DELIVERED graciously asked me if I would be interested in taking a look at their product. I have been checking out their Insta @KetoDelivered for some time so I was all in! I have to say I am super impressed.

The packaging is awesome! Simple, but engaging.

Right away you see a recipe card. This one is for Garlic and Pepper Salmon which I will be making ASAP. Any recipe that is easy, quick and chalked full of flavor gets my attention. It also gave me a place to try the one product that gave me pause. More on that in a bit.

Next the contents.

Ok you just took a pause too? I know you did! Pork Lard. Wow, ok. Let me process. So eating Keto is all about embracing fat. I say it all the time, but let me say it one more time because I know so many people still do not believe it, “Fat does not make you fat.” Actually fat burns fat off at a rapid rate. I switch up how I eat, otherwise I would die of boredom, but eating a Keto diet is a big part of my life.

So once I moved passed the word “Lard” and read on, it made perfect sense. Most fats you cook with (coconut oil, ghee, grass-fed butter, MCT Oil, Avocado Oil, EVOO) have the same grams of fat, 14g, per Tablespoon and around 100 to 150 calories. Pork Lard is no different, 14g’s and 130 calories per serving. This is clean eating my friends. Two ingredients, Organic Pork Fat and Organic Rosemary Extract, no artificial colors, sweeteners or chemicals, and no preservatives. So if fat doesn’t make me fat, eating lard shouldn’t add to…well you feel me.

Fatworks Foods has some cool looking products, great recipes, and a good explanation of being “Defenders of Fat” on their website.

Next up were these Miracle Noodles which I was really excited to see were not made of soy. If you follow my Instagram @HappyBodyFood you have seen me make these (soy version). Sometimes a girl just wants noodles in a yummy sauce, without having to eat simple carbs. But most of the versions I have found are soy, not my favorite. These are three ingredients, purified water, Konjac Flour and Calcium Hydroxide. A few years ago when I was trying to figure out what Miracle Noodles were I read this great article from Wellness Mama. I love them and am excited to have the original noodle in my hot little hand!

What can I say, Nut Sack won us over! Read the label. When you have a 12 year old boy, and a husband, and houseguests, well this was a winner! And the nuts (sorry but I have to) tasted great! I love it when real food, flavor and humor all intersect. Life is so serious, this is a great way to bring in some smiles! If you want to win “Snack Mom of the year” with the pre-teen, or teen boys, or just bring some humor to the water cooler at work, this is the way to go! Let me add Brazil Nuts are the powerhouse in the world of nuts and who ever buys Brazil Nuts? So another win. Nice job Nut Sack, we like your nuts!

I’m currently off the sauce so I can’t even try this to report back, but Mr. Happy Body Food dove right in and loved Xanadu Coffee Company! I like that it supports a small batch coffee roaster in downtown Phoenix that specializes in micro-lots, direct trade coffee and hand roasting. I can’t even write anymore about it because all this coffee talk has me missing my morning Joe. Too bad I don’t do moderation better.

My girlfriend Kimberly and I broke right into these and just kept eating! YUMMY! A lot of times living foods taste, well, like the grass on the labels. I still eat them, but it is hard to pass them off on friends and family. The flavor of these was unreal! Super flavorful with a little kick (cumin & chili powder). Not one mystery ingredient. We ate them as is right out of the bag but while we were inhaling them we talked about how good they would be with a little cheese, or a dip, or fresh avocado. Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers were all cracker and no flax, and as much as I love flax, when it comes to a good cracker I really don’t want to be tasting it. These go on the grocery list!

Machaca Shredded Beef Jerky is the most intriguing of the items. I will keep you posted. The suggestion is to add to Huevos! I think the possibilities are endless! My husband is a beef jerky connoisseur so he has been trying to steal the bag, stay-tuned, I will keep you posted!

The back of the Keto Delivered recipe card has discounted offer codes for each product, as well as more information on each company. All in all I think Keto Delivered is a great investment. People who eat a certain style (Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Whole 30) tend to get into their routines. Trust me, I know. You have a repertoire that works so you don’t venture too far. I really loved this Keto box because it was full of things that meet the Keto way of eating, but are all products I had never tried, and probably would not have tried. Change is good, and new things make staying healthy fun!

Check out their website, Keto Delivered and program! I’m a fan!

good food. good life.



Easy, Healthy & Quick

This is how I eat 99% of my meals. I open the fridge, find what needs to be eaten…if nothing is nearing the end I just pick what sounds good. Today I had 1/2 a bag of shredded Brussels Sprouts from Trader Joes (a staple in our home), 3 little zucchini, and some pancetta.


I always have squeeze tubes of garlic & ginger for added flavor, and a healthy fat to cook in. I like Avocado Oil and MCT Oil, but coconut oil, ghee, and grass-fed butter all work!

The zucchini need to be diced, or chopped. I really dislike chopping/dicing/prepping veggies so I live and die by my food chopper In seconds my veggies are chopped!


Put your cooking oil/butter in the pan, hit the heat and start dumping everything in.


Cook for 5 to 8 minutes (I like mine on the crispier side), and thats it!


Now you can add a sauce or condiment if you want added flavor, just watch for sugar (think mustard, hot sauce, blue cheese). Eating clean is THIS simple. Don’t over-think it! If you eat dairy add some cheese, if you don’t eat meat skip the pancetta and add some slivered almonds or cashews.

The key is mostly veggies, then some protein & healthy fats!

good food. good life.

This is an investment. However, you will wonder what took you so long! When I first changed my diet I had a hard time figuring out how to incorporate all the fruit & veggies I need (and wanted) to eat. Especially the veggies!!! When your tastebuds are used to highly sweetened flavors, and artificial flavors, as well as heavy salt & fat all this REAL FOOD taste like, well….not great. The good news is your tastebuds reset and in a few weeks all the healthy stuff tastes great and you actually crave it. BUT the Vitamix saved me and I am not sure without it I would be where I am today. Kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers, apples, berries, avocado, banana, mango, kiwis (skin on)…all of it blended up and the best part? You keep all of the nutrients, including the fiber!!! So you are eating the WHOLE fruit as intended, not just the juice of the fruit. It is a snap to clean, and makes experimenting with real, whole foods awesome. A little of this, a little of that, and bam!!! Off you go!

Now we use the Vitamix 5200  every day in our house. Sauces, soups, hummus, dips, protein shakes and lots of healthy shakes!

I have even been known to take it on road trips, it is kind of addictive!!  Enjoy!

This is one of “those” kitchen items I NEVER thought I would own. I am not a waffle person and it takes up space. HOWEVER that was BEFORE I discovered Stacey’s Frozen Paleo Waffles from Paleo Parents! I die. I digress. I dream of these! Oh wait? Yes, they are for the kids…ummm, mostly. (Recipe below).


So now I own this baby Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel and I love it! You can get any kind of waffle maker, JUST be sure it cleans up easily & heats up quickly. If I had to scrub this, or had burnt waffle crust on it, I would never use it. If it isn’t easy I am OUT!

paleo waffles

Photo: Paleo Parents



  • 1 medium banana (use green-tipped for 21 Day Sugar Detox*, or ripe for more flavor)
  • 1 medium apple, peeled and cored (use green for 21 Day Sugar Detox*, or your favorite variety)
  • 1 C smooth almond butter (or a grainy-brand of sunflower seed butter for nut-free)
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 TBSP arrowroot powder (I’ll be honest, I have never used this)
  • 1 TBSP vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • oil for greasing waffle iron (melted coconut oil with a silicon pastry brush works best)


  1. Puree apple and banana in a food processor. (I use the Vitamix)
  2. Use the whisk attachment on your electric mixer and whip almond butter on high for 2-3 minutes until smooth and fluffed. (more work, use the Vitamix)
  3. Add puree and remaining ingredients to whipped almond butter and continue to whip until combined. (ALL of it into the Vitamix!!!!)
  4. Grease your hot waffle maker (for each waffle you make).
  5. Use about 1 ladle of batter per 8-by-4-inch waffle onto hot waffle iron for 3-5 minutes until browned. Do not fill up entire waffle maker, leave about 40% unfilled so that the batter can spread. If your waffle is soft or floppy, it’s not ready yet – keep cooking for another minute or two!
  6. Eat immediately or store flat in freezer and make your own breakfast by reheating in toaster – the waffles will be firm enough!
  7. Then freeze the rest for later!