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Prevent Portion Distortion



Do you know how much an ounce of something is?

No one wants to go through life measuring out everything they eat as that would not be sustainable, and certainly NOT enjoyable. However, it is really important to understand what a portion is. Often we are just bystanders in the foods we consume, we are served an amount and we simply eat that amount. Unfortunately, this is an easy way to let your health get away from you.

Here are some tips for keeping your portion sizes in check:

Read Labels

When you purchase snacks from a to-go counter, or convenience store, always do a quick check to see how many servings there are. Many beverages are actually two servings per bottle, not one. This is also true for snack foods. Do not assume a package of chips, beef jerky, or sunflower seeds are one individual serving, take time to look.

Use Your Fist

Our stomachs are roughly the same size as our fists. For some of us this is not going to be very big. That means each time you eat you need about that much food (chewed, not whole) to fill you up. Making a fist creates a good visual, especially when eating out where portions can be two to four times what we actually need.

Eat Half

Leftovers are a wonderful way to have your next snack, or meal, already done for you! Eat half of your order and take half to go! To make your next meal more interesting think about what you can add to your leftovers to spice things up! For example, if you have some chicken and roasted veggies for dinner you can add the leftovers to a big plate of greens, maybe add some additional fresh veggies and create a wonderful, healthy salad in no time at all.


I always use the small containers at salad bars, saves $$$ too!

Leave It

Maybe you were taught to clean your plate as a child, or you feel you need to eat all of your food because you paid for it? Try to flip your thinking when it comes to finishing meals. When your body signals that you are full it is time to put the fork down and let your body get to work digesting the nutrients you just provided. Do not be afraid to part with unfinished portions. Enjoy the foods you chose to nourish yourself with, and part graciously with those you do not need.

Eat Mindfully

Study after study has shown when we multi-task we overeat. There may be rare occasions where you must eat your lunch at your desk, but try to make eating while doing other activities the exception, not the rule. It is hard to keep track of how much you have eaten if you are not mindfully engaged in your meal. We also have a tendency to forget what we ate, and when we last ate, if we eat while multi-tasking. Give your nourishment your full attention and odds are you will eat less.


Salad plates fit plenty of food!

How Does Your Kitchen Measure Up?

Open your cupboard and take out a dinner plate, a salad plate, a cereal bowl, a juice/milk glass and a wine glass. How big are your dinner plates? Could you eat your meals on a salad plate and still be satisfied? Are your cereal bowls 2 cups in size, even though most cereal boxes consider 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup to be one full serving? When it comes to beverages, most products consider 8 ounces to be a full serving, yet most of us have glasses that are 12 to 24 ounces in size. If you are wine connoisseur you already know a serving of wine is around 130 calories and 5 ounces, but do you know what 5 ounces looks like? Often we are served 9 ounces of wine, which is perfectly fine, as long as you realize your glass nearly doubled in calories.


Know When to Measure

There are times that it does benefit you to simply measure out your portions. There are foods we all buy and often overindulge in; dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate covered nuts and berries, trail mix. Bulk snack food items are the perfect foods to measure out. A serving size is small, often a 1/4 cup, and can easily be overeaten. These are the perfect foods to open and measure out into snack bags, or small mason jars. When you are on the run you can simply grab a pre-portioned snack and not worry about how much is too much!


Here are some good visuals to keep in mind for controlling portions:

A Baseball = 1 cup/ A deck of cards = 3 ounces / 4 dice = 1 ounce

How do you keep your portions from getting away from you? Share your tips below.


Simple Salad


Using what I have, and what needs to be eaten!

Place the lettuce in the bowl.


Add some veggies.


Notice the 2nd plate? Mr. Happy Body Food came out of his office and said, “Hey, what about me?” Easy.


Add some protein, nuts & parmesean in this case.


Add some fat. I was out of avocado so went for the Pesto. Two spoonfuls, and a little lemon juice, like a splash. Mix and done.



Easy, Healthy & Quick

This is how I eat 99% of my meals. I open the fridge, find what needs to be eaten…if nothing is nearing the end I just pick what sounds good. Today I had 1/2 a bag of shredded Brussels Sprouts from Trader Joes (a staple in our home), 3 little zucchini, and some pancetta.


I always have squeeze tubes of garlic & ginger for added flavor, and a healthy fat to cook in. I like Avocado Oil and MCT Oil, but coconut oil, ghee, and grass-fed butter all work!

The zucchini need to be diced, or chopped. I really dislike chopping/dicing/prepping veggies so I live and die by my food chopper In seconds my veggies are chopped!


Put your cooking oil/butter in the pan, hit the heat and start dumping everything in.


Cook for 5 to 8 minutes (I like mine on the crispier side), and thats it!


Now you can add a sauce or condiment if you want added flavor, just watch for sugar (think mustard, hot sauce, blue cheese). Eating clean is THIS simple. Don’t over-think it! If you eat dairy add some cheese, if you don’t eat meat skip the pancetta and add some slivered almonds or cashews.

The key is mostly veggies, then some protein & healthy fats!

good food. good life.

Warmed Zucchini

This is a common snack, mini-meal for me. I drop the zucchini into a hot pan with just salt & pepper. Cook for about two minutes. The key to this being a filling choice is the addition of fat! You have some options:

-cook the veggie in butter, ghee, coconut or MCT oil

-cook w/o oils/fats and then add 1 Tbl or less or mayo (or  vegan mayo like I did), or a oil & vinegar or blue cheese dressing that has NO sugar!!! Fat & sugar do not mix!

-you can also add feta, goat cheese, or regular cheese

-you could add some nuts, slivered almonds, pine-nuts, macadamia-while cooking or after

-you can add leftover ground beef or ground lamb

This takes less than 10 minutes! This is an example of a mini-meal you can easily make vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo or caveman…however your body is feeling like eating when you go to cook!